Jeremy Lewis has personally trained over 500 agents and Realtors® all across the nation to utilize social media marketing and digital networking for the ultimate success within their real estate careers. 
  • Why you should focus on selling yourself and not the physical product
  • How to harness your strengths that others are seeking to pay for
  • How to secure your initial clients or build your existing clientele
  • ​​How to gain notoriety as a real estate marketing expert and become the go-to agent or Realtor®
Hi, my name is Jeremy
Fun Fact: When I’m not selling and
buying properties or training my
clients on how to market their
services, you can find me in the
gym or watching baseball or football.
I have been a luxury residential real estate agent and commercial agent for over seventeen years now. My roots are anchored in the building and real estate industries. My grandfather, father, and great uncle founded Lewis Homes, the largest home builder in Las Vegas from 1977-2001. They built over 33,000 homes and eventually sold their company to KB Homes for 1.2 billion dollars in 2001. I obtained my real estate license in 2004 and made over a million dollars a year as a Realtor® and real estate investor up until 2007. When the market crashed in 2008, I went from being at the very top of my field to losing everything. I adapted to rebuild my success.
I noticed Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram were the future of networking, marketing, and sales. I was determined to figure out how to apply this approach to real estate. I realized after twelve years as a realtor that I was not selling real estate, I was selling myself and video content capturing both the properties and my own image. I began with one take, unedited property walk-through videos on my iPhone. Real estate clients and agents alike showed interest in my approach to digital and social media marketing. I started mentoring hundreds of real estate professionals from a plethora of different brokerages and from all different levels of experience. By then, I established a reputation as the go to guy for social media marketing, content creation, and networking.
I even caught the attention of producers from HGTV in 2018, who proposed I do a show with them called Pool Hunters. Once the show aired, I combined a luxury open house with a charity aspect to create two incredibly unique events in 2019. After speaking of my philosophy on social media marketing and content creation at these events, I was urged by several dozen realtors to create a program to teach others to sell real estate how I did. In 2020, despite COVID lockdowns and restrictions, I went back into the field and continued to create content. I filmed my series and added eleven agents to my real estate team. I adapted and rebuilt my success using the tools, strategies, and tactics I am going to share with you in my training course.
 The KEY To Tap Into Your Wildest Success Yet!
Once you have unlocked your true potential, you won’t ever need to look back. Use these three key factors to build the career you desire.
Remember: All three factors depend on each other and are most effective when used simultaneously. Start with adapting your approach to business, then create ways to connect with people, lastly ensure ultimate client satisfaction by pulling out the red carpet service for them. Once you have established all three, always prioritize all three factors equally.
A: Crawl: Adaptation
Get up to date with the most recent practices by the leading professionals in the real estate industry. If you continue to use old methods exclusively, you are missing out on a majority of the market.
Appeal to the entire market using both new and old ways of expanding your reach as detailed in my training course.
B: Walk: Connect with People
Gain new contacts by opening conversations every chance you get. Be sure to secure a way to contact them, ie. social media, phone number, or email. Follow up with them the next day. Connect digitally too! Create a good amount of marketing content. Then advertising becomes one of your most important tools. Advertising can hurt you if you don't use it correctly. Join me to learn from my lessons on how to connect with people and use advertising to your advantage. 
C: Run: Close Deals & Profit
It doesn't take a genius to discover that we're much more engaged when we're doing something of meaning, something we're good at and something we receive positive feedback from other people. You have to work nonetheless, because I can promise you: If you don't, tt gets dull after a while. Believe me, I've tried these "downtime phases" where I just relaxed and had fun, but it didn't take long until I went back to hustling. Humans simply like challenges. Make sure you do something worthwhile.
Remember: You need to "unlock" all these three altogether – otherwise you're just stuck in the outer zone...
What makes The people I train so successful?
There really is no "secret" to it – me and my team are simply super-attentive to details and solely focussed on results. Here's what 93% of our clients say were the most instrumental ingredients to their success:
Ease of Interface Navigation
Access the training modules easily among multiple different devices. Retrieve the modules at any time and any place on a supported device.
Support & Guidance
Put your worries to rest knowing that you are supported and have guidance. The steps to success are laid out for you to follow.
A Network of Like-minded Professionals
Reap the benefits of joining a like-minded community of real estate professionals that are committed to success.

Tested Growth Hacks that Yield Results
Instant access to tips and strategies that have been developed for years and tested many times for efficacy. 
Developmental Skills that Benefit You Now and Indefinitely
The skills taught in this training course will serve you professionally and personally indefinitely.

Experience Mental Breakthroughs
Dissolve mental blockages and damaging thought patterns. Implement beneficial thought patterns to support your success.

An Echo From Our Beloved Customers
“These principles haven’t just transformed my career, but they have inspired and enabled countless Realtors® and real estate agents that I have mentored over the years.” -Jeremy Lewis
Just a few remarks about these case studies:
1.) These are all real, genuine customers of ours who share their honest opinion. Nobody has been compensated in any shape or form to record these videos.
2.) I cannot guarantee you any results whatsoever. All of these people worked hard and smart for their success and truly deserve their results.
3.) These results are generally only possible if you speak to me or one of my coaches 1:1 in a free consultation session and get to know our strategy.
"He showed me that social media isn't just all about selfies"
Liz got her first breakthroughs, but her biggest accomplishment is that she will be confident in her ability to always be self-reliant, no matter what might come.
"What I have to offer is really valuable!"
Kaylin is glad he made the decision to join the mentoring program. She was able to get six customers in the first three weeks and rapidly increased her client acquisition.
"I followed the system!"

Javani was able to solve many issues with a prospect in his first call and turned him into a happy customer. His advice: Trust the process and do what the coaches tell you
"New customers, no paying for leads!"
Marques was new to real estate... but now has a thriving business due to following the process Jeremy laid out for him. 
Since we receive so many daily requests, we implemented a process in order to efficiently guide through new applicants. These are the next steps in order to solicit your request:
1. Your Application
We can only select those that fit a specific criteria due to the intensive nature of the mentorship course. Your application allows us to ensure that you are the right fit.
2. Evaluation
Once we receive your application, we will review the submission.
Should you be a proper fit, you will be contacted to proceed to the final step of enrollment.
3. Enrollment
Should we determine you as a viable candidate, we will then enroll you into the mentorship course. At this point you may begin your training and take the first step towards climbing to the top of the real estate professional field.


Jeremy Lewis as Featured on the Cover of Las Vegas Living Magazine

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